Azzuro Hair Design’s Tips For Child Happy Hairdressing!

tips for happy hairdressingAt Azzuro Hair Design, the popular unisex hairdressing salon in Larnaca, we have a lot of little clients too!

From your baby’s first haircut right through to your stroppy teenagers first colour we have seen it all.

So take a look at Azzuro Hair Design’s Tips For Child Happy Hairdressing!



1. Don’t Bribe Your Child!

Believe it or not a large percentage of parents bribe their children to come to the hairdresser. Sometimes it is with a promise of “a sweet if you’re good” and even to the extreme of “please sit still and I will buy you a toy afterwards”. When your child feels that an incentive is being offered to go to the hairdresser it sends out the wrong messages. Firstly that the whole experience will be unpleasant and secondly that you can be manipulated. Start early by teaching your child that going to the hairdressers is a fun thing to do and something which is as normal and necessary as brushing your teeth. At Azzuro Hair Design our stylists are parents too and know exactly how to handle a worried child but without the bribery!

2. Communicate With Your Teens!

At Azzuro Hair Design we regularly witness showdowns between teens and parents over hair styles and hair colour! Usually the parent is paying and therefore feels that they should choose the style while the teen wants something different and is fighting back. It’s a tough one and there is no right or wrong answer however communication prior to your appointment is important. Sit down with your teen, look through magazines and talk about the colour/ style they like and try to be impartial. Is it really that bad or just not a style you yourself would have? There is always a compromise with colour- eg – why not let them go wild with a crazy colour over the summer holidays on the condition that it is removed before school starts? Our team of stylists can always come up with a compromise that you both like … just stay calm!

3. Don’t Stress Your Child

One of the biggest stresses for a child at the hairdresser can actually be the parents themselves. You are worried about the sharp scissors near your child’s face, panicking that they are not sitting still and hovering around the stylist making sure that everything is safe. This can also be when the child will start to create drama playing off your insecurities. At Azzuro Hair Design we have a beautiful sofa area where you can relax, have a coffee and watch your child without worrying. It is also worth noting that children left alone in the salon during their appointment, even for 10 minutes, will all stop crying without exception and become very willing to get their hair cut with our stylists!

Azzuro Hair Design provides a relaxing hairdressing experience for the whole family. Why not give us a call on +357 24646942 or click here to contact us online.

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