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Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca Cyprus is renowned for their unisex hair expertise. We hope that by now you are an Azzuro client but if not check out our tips below on how to have great frizz free hair. Beautiful hairstyles are created every day at Azzuro Hair Design but the condition of your hair is something that is 90% determined by you.

Top 5 Things you should be doing for frizz free hair!


1. Blowdry Properly

To make hair sleek aim the dryer downwards toward the ends because ruffling your hair and going against the hair shaft causes frizz. Keep drying until your hair is completely dry because remaining damp will cause your hair to be flat or frizzy. Point your dryer downwards and always finish on a cool setting.

2. Use the right products

Choose shampoos and conditioners to suit your hair type and lifestyle. Too heavy and you will be greasy, too voluminous and you might end up fluffy! Azzuro Hair Design sell and use professional cruelty free hair care solutions.

3. Go Easy on The Straighteners

I have many clients who straighten their hair each day and this in itself is not necessarily a problem. The problem lies when you go over and over the same areas with your irons causing heat damage and frizz. The worst affected areas are the mid lengths and ends so try to go over each section just once and don’t keep repeating. Always use a heat protection spray and section your hair with clips.

4. Use a Serum

Use silicone drops or spray to combat frizz, but don’t overdo it because then you will be greasy!  Apply the serum to your palms first, rub them together and smooth over the hair. Remember you can always add more later on! Azzuro Hair Design stock a great range of light shine sprays and serums.

5. Get a professional cut and colour.

Over layering, razor cutting and bleaches/harsh colours can all cause and exasperate frizz.  At Azzuro Hair Design one size does not fit all and so we offer free consultations before any style or colour change so we can assess your hair and decide upon the right way forward.

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