4 Reasons Why You Are Having A Bad Hair Day!

Azzuro Hair Design in Oroklini knows that you want your hair to look great everyday. In fact many of you will have purchased professional shampoos, styling tools and products so why do you still have bad hair days? Read 4 Reasons Why You Are Having A Bad Hair Day with owner and stylist Nof and find out!

Well often bad hair days can be the result of your genetics- if you have curly hair and you are straightening it then the Cyprus humidity is constantly working against you. Similarly if you have opted for a style which requires some time in the mornings and you haven’t made time you cannot expect great hair can you!

That said sometimes you do everything right but your hair is just plain wrong!

Here are four common reasons for your bad hair day!

1. Not rinsing out your conditioner– some of you think that by leaving conditioner in the hair you are doing a good thing and some of you just don’t rinse it out properly. Either way leaving conditioner in your hair will result in tacky sticky hair and greasy roots. Always make sure the water has run clear before you leave the shower!

2. Using a brush on wet hair – “brushing wet hair will stretch and break the hair shaft and can result in frizzy split hair” says Azzuro Hair Salon owner Nof. Instead you should use a wide tooth comb to go through wet hair and only switch to a brush when it is completely dry. Azzuro Hair Design sell high quality brushes and combs because again, the cheap nylon brushes will cause static and frizz.

3. Not eating properly– “You know the saying “You are what you eat”? Well this is very evident in hair and nails and I can tell who is eating properly and who isnt!” says Nof! Don’t get us wrong- we are fond of junk food too but if that is all you eat the result will be brittle hair that lacks lustre and shine. Make sure you include fruit, vegetables and olive oil in your diet for shiny hair every day!

4. Using the wrong products – Think all products are the same? They’re not, especially when you choose professional ones. Ingredients in professional products are designed for each hair type, either to add nutrients, to smooth or to strip. Choose the wrong one and you can end up making your hair really greasy or really dry. Speak to our stylists for help choosing the right products.

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