5 New Years Resolutions Which Are Fun To Keep!

New-years-resolution-natural-hairDid you know that statistically by February 1st over 70% of people worldwide have broken their New Years Resolution? The Top 10 New Years Resolutions are as follows… any of these sound familiar?

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Get Organised
  3. Spend Less/Save More
  4. Get Fit and Healthy
  5. Pursue Career Goals


Big YAWN! How about a few fun New Year’s Resolutions? It’s never too late to make one and you never know you may actually keep these ones!


Bored with your brunette or grappling with your grey? Why not make it your New Year’s Resolution to try out a brand new colour? A new hair colour can really lift the winter blues and you may discover that you have been missing out on your perfect shade all these years. Chat to our team to book a free consultation.


If you’re anything like us then your bathroom is packed full of half used products. Usually because we tried them out, didn’t like them and then just bought more- right? Ok… new rule… if you didn’t use it for 3 months then throw it in the bin or even better donate it to a shelter who would be pleased to receive toiletries. The added bonus is that you get a super tidy bathroom with a few sexy looking products instead of a basket full of old ones.


Getting regular trims will certainly mean healthier hair by the end of the year… that’s you as well boys! Hair which is cut every 6-8 weeks will be less split and broken and more shiny and thick… surely that’s a great resolution? Why not sweeten the pot by adding in an Azzuro Hair Design head massage?


Yes that’s right we said it… buy better products! Supermarket brands are often high in sulphates with tons of nasty chemicals added in for good measure. Learn to invest in high quality shampoo, conditioner and styling products and you will probably surprise yourself. Products from Azzuro Hair Design contain natural ingredients and are never tested on animals. Plus they are used by industry professionals. While you’re updating your styling products why not take a look at your hair tools… your brush, hair dryer and straighteners may need updating too.


This year why not go all out to show how much you love your hair. Flaunt your curls, rock your bedhead and maximise your shine. The best way to get there is to start treating your hair better. That means more weekly conditioning treatments and less daily straightening sessions. Learn to enjoy your hair and aim to improve its condition by the end of the year.

For a free consultation for your hair contact the Azzuro Hair Design team now by clicking here.

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