3 Best Selling Hair Products

At Azzuro Hair Design in Oroklini we stock several ranges of high quality, cruelty free hair products. Our clients all have their favourite products and this week we want to share with you our 3 best selling hair products of the year so far!

#3 Deep MUK conditioner

MUK HairWith their brightly coloured packaging, cheeky names and extensive range, MUK is a big hit with Azzuro Hair Design clients. At number three with over 200 bottles sold this year is the Deep Muk Conditioner. The conditioner is designed to be used 1-2 times per week on the mid lengths to ends. Its thick, rich formula repairs broken and heat damaged hair leaving it silky soft and very shiny. Our clients love Deep Muk because of its excellent performance, low cost and of course its pretty pink bottle!

#2 Sexy Hair Smooth & Protect

Sexy HairThe Sexy Hair range at Azzuro Hair Design is incredibly popular and has sold over 350 products this year with Smooth & Protect selling 189 so far. Smooth and Protect is a fine mist spray which is applied to dry hair to add shine, smooth flyaways and eliminate frizz. Clients love Smooth & Protect for finishing off an elegant style, keeping their hair sleek in the summer months and of course because its a great price.

#1 Sexy Hair Power Straight Balm

Power Straight BalmYep… it’s Sexy Hair Again and in at number one is the Sexy Hair Power Straight Balm! This neat little balm is a “fix all” product because it styles, smooths and adds shine to the hair. Our fabulous Sexy Hair Balm has sold over 400 bottles this year and we have been told it is the ultimate hair product. It feels like a gel in your hands but has no holding power so doesn’t leave your hair sticky or hard. Instead, when applied, it performs like a serum combined with a light wax to mold and smooth. The Power Straight Balm controls wavy and frizzy hair leaving it smooth and sleek without weighing it down so it’s the perfect summer product.

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