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At Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca we stock a comprehensive range of hair care products to suit all hair types. At Azzuro Hair Design we believe in natural, cruelty free hair products which is why we do not stock products which test on animals such as Loreal. Instead we choose to stock ethically sourced products with high quality ingredients to manage your specific hair type.

At Azzuro Hair Design we stock Sexy Hair, Tecna Hair Care, MUK, Osmo, Alter Ego Italy among others and our clients love them! Here are our three best selling ranges of 2014 so far… which one do you like best?

Sexy Hair

Sexy Hair has a cult following in the celebrity world and with sleek products including Big Sexy Hair, Curly Sexy Hair, Straight Sexy Hair, Silky Sexy Hair, Healthy Sexy Hair and many more all packaged in fabulously cute bottles its easy to see why! The product range starts from 10 euros so it is sexy and affordable!

* Great for silk smooth long hair!

Tecna Hair Care

Tecna haircare, exclusive to Azzuro Hair Design, is a range of bio-ethical haircare products , fusing the best from nature with the kindest ingredients that science has to offer,certified zero impact to our planet . Ammonia and paraben free, the range starts at €10 and products are available for every hair type.

* Great for dry/ damaged hair repair!

MUK Hair

With great names like Kinky Muk, Filthy Muk, Hot Muk, Stiff Muk, Filthy Muk and Deep muk everyone loves these irreverent hair products. With awesome brightly coloured metal bottles MUK products deliver in performance as well as looking great on your bathroom shelf! Range starts from 10 euros.

* Great for styling whilst maintaining condition!

For more information about the products at Azzuro Hair Design pop in and see us at our Larnaca salon or click here.

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