Review of Sexy Hair Power Straight Balm

Review of Sexy Hair Power Straight Balm

Submitted by Constantina Demetriades in Larnaca

review of sexy hair power straight balmPower Straight Balm is part of the Sexy Hair range stocked by Azzuro Hair Design in Oroklini. One of our clients Constantina Demetriades who purchased the balm has submitted a review:

“I have very frizzy big hair… probably typical Cypriot hair actually and it’s very difficult to manage. In the humidity in Cyprus I struggle to blowdry it straight and it takes me ages to get a sleek look.

Nof, my stylist at Azzuro Hair Design suggested I try the Power Straight Balm to smooth out my hair prior to straightening and blowdrying it. The product is a cross between a serum and a wax in texture and can be applied to damp hair before styling. Nof advised me to put a pea sized amount on my palms, rub them together and smooth through the mid lengths to ends. It is always better to start slowly because you can always add more if you need to!

I applied the product before I blow dried my hair and I could really feel the difference – my hair felt smoother, less frizzy and much easier to dry straight. The frizz that I normally get at the back was much calmer and got really shiny when it was dry.

I really love the product and it is lasting ages because you don’t need to use that much. Also thank you to the team at Azzuro Hair for giving me such a great haircut I really love it!”

For submitting her review Constantina won a free conditioning treatment at Azzuro Hair Design.

For information on Sexy Hair or any other product ranges stocked by the salon please call us on +367 24646942 or click here to make an appointment.

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