How To Choose A Hairstyle for YOUR Hair Type!

Azzuro Hair Design, the unisex hair salon in Oroklini offers free consultations for clients thinking about a colour or style change. It’s a big decision and it can massively affect how you feel as you go about your day. In this article owner of Azzuro Hair Design Nof Pashialis looks at how to choose a hairstyle for your hair type.


Everyones hair is different almost like a fingerprint” says Nof. “Each hair type has its own behaviours and needs to be cut and styled accordingly. Curly hair types will not suit the same style as limp fine hair types so it is important that we treat each one differently“.

Consider Your Face Shape

Firstly let’s consider your face shape and the structure of your cheek bones, chin, nose and neck. The aim is to emphasise your best features and de-emphasise anything you might want to hide or minimise. A cut that lies on the jawline in one length will emphasise the shape of your face as the hair is lying flat and framing it. This is great if you have a heart shaped face but might not work for you if your face is long or round. Similarly if your face is round we could opt for longer layers which break up the shape of your face and draw the eye away from its outline.

Working With Your Hair Texture

We can classify hair types into one of the following general categories to begin with. Dry, coarse, thin, straight, wavy, curly, limp, oily, fine and sometimes a combination of these types. If you have thin straight hair then you will often lack volume and body because your hair falls flat against your face. Therefore your hair may benefit from some chunky layers and a shorter style. On this hair type a long cut will pull the hair down making the face look drawn and older whereas a shorter style will add bounce and shape.

Similarly if you have curly hair the opposite is true because curly hair can sometimes need the weight of its length to pull down the curls and prevent frizz. Curly hair rarely looks good cut into a fringe because it is simply an invitation to frizz wildly and stick out from your face just looking plain strange. Of course you could straighten it but it is surprisingly difficult to straighten a fringe to lie naturally against your face.

Is There A Style That Suits Everyone?

At Azzuro Hair Design we avoid churning out the same old hairstyles on our clients because one size does not fit all. That said a shoulder length style would probably be the one which would suit most people and most hair types. Even a shoulder length style has so many hundreds of variations so it would not be the same for everyone.

Dos and Dont’s

  • Don’t go for a fringe if you have curly/frizzy hair
  • Do grow your hair past your chin if your face is round
  • Don’t opt for high maintenance if you can’t commit to it
  • Don’t grow your hair long if you are very short!
  • Do talk about your lifestyle with our stylists first

For a free consultation on your new style or colour pop in and see our stylists at Azzuro Hair Design on the Dhekelia Road Larnaca or call us on +357 24646942.

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