My Cooling Mint Massage at Azzuro

My Cooling Mint Massage at Azzuro

A review by Catherine Smith in Larnaca


Azzuro Hair Design, a unisex hairdressing salon in Oroklini offers a range of hairdressing services including our legendary head massages. Catherine Smith, an Azzuro client based in Larnaca booked in for a course of cooling mint massages at the salon and here is the review she submitted:

“I suffer from migraines and although I take medication I find that massage can be very helpful in alleviating the tension I feel around my temples. I booked in for a course of five head massages with Nof who is the owner at Azzuro Hair Design and I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed them. 

Azzuro Hair Design just launched a special offer on their head massage/hair treatment sessions which are 12 euros each but book 5 and pay just 55 euros so I did! Nof used a cooling mint conditioning treatment in the massage which is good for the hair and scalp but can also work on migraines. 

I relaxed back at the basins while my scalp was expertly massaged and the mint oils penetrated my hair and scalp. The smell was delicious and my head felt cool and tingly- a welcome break from the heat we are having in Cyprus! After leaving the treatment on for 15 minutes it was rinsed off and followed up with a cut and blow dry which was great value at just 26 euros.

I felt very relaxed throughout the treatment and for hours afterwards my head felt cool and relaxed. An added bonus as this was not the purpose of my visit is that my hair is silky soft and shiny and my haircut was lovely!

I want to say thank you to Nof at Azzuro Hair Design and to highly recommend the massages for anyone who suffers from migraines or who just wants to treat themselves!”

For submitting the review we gave Catherine an extra head massage completely free!

Mint is great for stimulating the scalp, refreshing the mind and cooling the body.  Why not try out our head massages and see for yourself. Call +357 24646942 or click here to book online.

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