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Alina from Pervoli reviews Big Shine Spray by Sexy Hair

Big Sexy Hair Big Shine Shine Spray stocked by Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca was recommended to Alina by Nof to add some shine to her dry and damaged hair.

Sexy Hair at Azzuro Hair Design“The first thing I noticed is that it comes in a very cute (handbag sized) bottle and it is from the Sexy Hair range so it looks cute. The idea is to spray a few squirts onto your dry, styled hair to add shine and believe me you only need a few squirts because this is a powerful shine spray.

Unlike some sprays which come out “wet” and leave your hair looking limp and greasy, this one is a fine mist spray. It wasn’t at all greasy but it did make my hair very soft and got rid of the frizzy bits in the middle! Another thing I noticed is that it makes my hair less static- normally it is very flyaway but this kept it shiny and smooth.

I would recommend Big Sexy Hair Big Shine Shine Spray to anyone and my experience with the other Sexy Hair products is also positive!” 

Big Sexy Hair Big Shine Spray  75ml, is available from Azzuro Hair Design along with the entire Sexy Hair Range, prices start at 8 euros.

For more information or to book a free consultation with Azzuro Hair Design please call +357 24646942 or click here

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