Review of Tecna Spa Hair Renewer

Review of Tecna Spa Hair Renewer    

Submitted by Kate in Livadhia

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I have been going to Azzuro Hair Design for five years and I always take the stylists advice on which products are best for my hair. I have very dry and brittle hair (my own fault because I blow dry it a lot) and i find that it gets very frizzy when I have been in the sun or the sea.

I asked Nof (owner at Azzuro Hair) what products he would recommend and he suggested the Tecna Spa Hair Renewer from the Tecna Hair Care range. The product is a deep treatment conditioner which is to be left on for 5 minutes before rinsing. It consists of essential aminoacids and proteins which strengthen the hair making it shiny and more bouncy. Specifically formulated for damaged, bleached and brittle hair types Nof suggested I try the treatment a couple of times per week.

When I applied the treatment the thing I liked is that it is very thick so you don’t need too much. I was told to just apply to the mid lengths and ends to avoid oily roots and then to leave on for 5 – 10 minutes. The product smells really nice – a little bit like coconut but not overpowering and when I rinsed it off I could feel the difference even when my hair was wet.

When I combed my hair through I noticed that it was a lot less tangled and when I blow dried it I found that it was easier to style into shape. When dry, my hair felt much silkier and shinier. I wouldn’t say it gave it more volume but for me that wasn’t the main aim of the treatment. I was told by Azzuro Hair Design that this is a great product to keep in your beach bag and to apply to wet hair before going into the pool or sea to keep it moisturised and in good condition.

Definitely this is a product I would buy again and the price is great – just 14 euros for 100ml and because you don’t need too much it really lasts so better than getting cheap ones from the supermarket that don’t do the job. I recommend the treatment for anyone with dry damaged hair.

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