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mukhaircareatazzurohairdesignI Love Blonde Muk, a 1 minute toning treatment for blonde hair by muk haircare. The product is designed to bring out the true blonde in your hair when it has got a bit brassy or heaven forbid a bit khaki coloured from being in the swimming pool!

The product is a one minute conditioner which does two things, firstly it makes your hair super shiny and soft and also it reduces yellow tones bringing out hilights and making your hair look much blonder.

The product packaging is purple and so is the product but don’t worry you won’t end up with a blue rinse! The purple simply counteracts orange tones turning them into a whiter blonde and leaving your hair looking light and shiny. Don’t get clever and leave the product on longer than a couple of minutes because firstly it’s not necessary and secondly it could start absorbing the purple tones!

I have been using this treatment mask for two years now and it’s safe to say I’m fairly addicted to it along with the whole muk blonde haircare range stocked by Azzuro Hair Design. The product only costs 14 euros but lasts for ages because you don’t use it every time you wash your hair. I would say twice per week is fine and especially if you have been swimming.

The muk range looks really cool and my bathroom shelves are filled with them. I highly recommend this product for all the blonde girls (and guys) in Cyprus who want to be shiny and fabulous this year!

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