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Any of you living in Cyprus will know that the humidity has a tendency to play havoc with curly/frizzy hair!

You know the feeling- you spend hours straightening your hair only to catch a glimpse of your giant frizz ball in the mirror an hour later!

Azzuro Hair Design, the unisex hairdressing salon in Larnaca understands hair and we know that straightening is only 10% of the solution!

So how do you beat the frizz?

1. Get a good hair cut – If your hair is too long, has split ends or is not cut into a style which suits its texture then it will be more prone to frizz. Speak to Azzuro Hair Design about the best styles to suit your hair type.

2. Avoid Chlorine– excessive exposure to swimming pool chlorine dries out your hair, turns it frizzy and if it’s blonde then perhaps it will acquire a green tinge too! Try to tie your hair up as much as possible when swimming.

3. Make sure your hair is blow dried properly– If you are blowdrying and then straightening it is essential that the hair is completely dry. Any moisture left in the hair will work against your efforts and you will frizz much more quickly. Finish your blowdry with a cool setting to smooth the hair follicle and cool the scalp.

4. Choose the right products- the products you use in winter should be different from the ones you use in summer. In winter it is all about adding moisture and rebuilding the hair but in the summer it is about heat protection. Speak to Azzuro Hair Design about our product range and choose the right ones for you.

5. Do not use a hairbrush on wet hair. If your hair is wet you should always use a wide tooth comb to remove tangles. Using a brush at this stage will break the hair and can cause fluffy and frizzy results.

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