Azzuro Hair Design is for everyone!


Azzuro Hair Design, a unisex hairdressers on the Dhekelia Road, Larnaca is designed with everyone in mind!

Wheelchair friendly– Azzuro Hair Design is accessible to everyone thanks to its ground floor positioning and double downstairs bathroom. This makes it ideal for clients with wheelchairs or difficulty in walking.

Child Friendly– Azzuro Hair Design has a satellite TV system and a number of childrens DVDs  in its comfortable waiting area. There is also a pedestrianised square outside where children can play safely.

Pet Friendly  – We love our furry friends and yours too so if you have a pet who doesn’t want to be left at home bring him along and we will ensure that he is comfortable with a bowl of water!

No Smoking– Azzuro Hair Design has always been a non smoking area however we provide a comfortable outside seating area with ashtrays for our smokers.

Takeaway Friendly– Sitting in the salon happily having your hilights done but starving hungry? We will assist you in ordering a takeaway from one of the locally placed cafe bars.

Do you need any more reasons to visit Azzuro Hair Design?



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