Red Flag… Dont Get That Perm

Azzuro Hair Design stopped offering perms in the late 80’s for fashion reasons… however occassionally we do get asked by clients for a perm. Here’s why we say No No No to Perms…

RED FLAG 1 – Highlighted Hair
If your hair is more than 30-40% highlighted, you may want to think twice before perming. In fact, if your hair is highlighted at all, you might want to think twice. Highlighting is damaging to your hair, so perming over-bleached hair that probably has some damage to the hair’s cuticle will likely cause big time frizz. Plus, you’ll have to touch up your highlights as you usually do, causing more potential damage. While frizz can be taken care of with product, it can also be a sign of serious breakage. So, think twice before perming your highlighted hair. Your hair stylist can help you decide if your hair has been too highlighted for a perm.

RED FLAG 2 – Dry Hair
Is your hair already dry, brittle, or frizzy? If so, a perm will definitely dry it out more. You may consider reconditioning treatments and/or daily treatments to get your hair in shape and moisturized before considering a perm. The bottom line is, if your hair is frizzy before a perm, it will be drier and frizzier after a perm.

RED FLAG 3 – Lots and Lots of Short Layers
All those short layers look great with a sassy straight style, but how will curls look with all those layers? Remember, curl equals volume, so if your layers hit around your ears and jawline, you’ll get volume there. Maybe that’s a good thing if you have a very narrow face, but perhaps your head will resemble a mushroom with too much volume at that part of your face. Remember, curly hair requires a different cutting style than cutting straight hair.

RED FLAG 4 – Colored Hair
Although not as dangerous as perming highlighted hair, if your hair is colored, you may want to give more thought to a perm. It will be in your best interest to allow 2- 3 weeks before and after your perm to color your hair. Also, keep in mind that a perm will likely lighten your color. Anytime your hair as been previously chemically treated, a perm may cause unwanted damage.

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